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7 decor trends to follow in 2018

February 2nd, 2018

7 decor trends to follow in 2018

Want to know what colours, materials and styles will be taking interior design by storm this year? Our creative director, Émilie Tardif, reveals the key 2018 decor trends to watch out for.


A deep, rich colour palette

Named the Pantone Colour of the Year 2018 Ultra Violet is a deep and introspective purple that brings to mind the colour trend inspired by precious stones that’s been around for some time now. So you’ll continue to be dazzled by amethyst, emerald, ruby ​​and sapphire hues this year.

1. FLOW sofa-bed | 2. LOUIS chair | 3. HAAG painting | 4. TORY armchair | 5. CORNWALL painting | 6. KENNEDY armchair

As for less vibrant shades like green and pink, they’re far from falling out of favour. Hugely popular for the past few months, albeit in lighter versions, 2018 decor trends will see richer tones hit the scene. According to Émilie Tardif, “These two colours will continue to be ever-present in furniture and accessories, whether with the addition of black (to create shades) or the addition of complementary colours (to create broken colours).”

1. JACKIE bed | 2. RIALTO, TOMA and NUOVA vases | 3. GISELA cushion | 4. NELLY loveseat | 5. POSIE glasses | 6. VERSAILLES bed

Green will show off its sage, khaki and bottle green sides, while pink will take a walk on the darker side with colours that are slightly more subdued, but definitely more chic. In terms of colour combinations, the latter is increasingly being paired with earthy, orangey shades like terracotta, resulting in an understated modern look.

1. EMILIE loveseat | 2. MARCO vase | 3. PARKER vase | 4. JORDAN vase | 5. PINA candle holder | 6. NELLY loveseat

How to integrate them into your decor? “You can take the plunge and dare to pair bold furniture, like a sofa or an armchair, against a neutral backdrop like pale colours on walls, floors and accessories. Or you could slowly warm up to the idea and start by showcasing these colours on cushions, vases, paintings or even a rug,” she suggests.


For the love of velvet

It won hearts in 2017 and will continue to seduce us this year: velvet! Easy to integrate into any decor, velvet is just as at home on sofas, armchairs and extra seating options as it is on cushions and curtains.

1. RAINER armchair | 2. LUXA curtains | 3. KEIRA ottoman | 4. AUGUSTA and JUNEAU cushions | 5. EMILIE sofa

With its soft, rich feel and retro appeal, velvet is an ultra-comfortable fabric that adds style and personality to any room. “Velvet remains a true classic. Even if you choose an imposing piece of furniture like a sofa in this material, you’re not likely to have buyer’s remorse any time soon,” says the creative director.


Terrazzo a-go-go

While marble furniture and accessories continue to be fashionable, terrazzo—and no, not the cold, hard and somewhat drab floors of your childhood!—is edging its way to the top of the “hot minerals to watch” category.

1. ANOUK coasters | 2. PAOLO and MIRACOLI candleholders | 3. AZZO board | 4. ANOUK pot

Italian in origin and used since the 18th century as flooring in a variety of Venetian palaces, terrazzo is created by adding chips of glass, marble or granite to natural stone. It made a comeback amidst the Art Deco period of the 1920s, was revived in the 80s with the Memphis movement and now, once again, terrazzo is back to speckle interiors in 2018. “From covers to floors, furniture, accessories and even wallpaper, terrazzo definitely adds a modern and refreshing touch to interior decor,” says Tardif.


Natural beauties

According to 2018 decor trends, the return to simplicity and natural materials will still be going strong. Expect to see woven cane chairs, bamboo and rattan beds, even storage baskets made from woven seagrass.

1. MARIO armchair | 2. ANTONIO basket | 3. PARACAS set of 3 baskets | 4. VAKA cushion | 5. VIC baskets | 6. LILLE set of 3 baskets

Linen or raw fabrics will also be in the spotlight. As Tardif observes, “We’ll continue to fall in love with the unique textures and patterns of all things natural in 2018.”


Handmade, well made

Tribal motifs, traditional weaving, artisanal approaches: unique furniture and accessories will make this year’s interiors really come to life. “Whether it’s a patterned bowl, a handwoven rug or the work of a professional artist, handmade objects add a touch of warmth and originality to our interiors,” says the creative director.

1. UNAMI cushion | 2. LULU vase | 3. TAHITI bowl | 4. RIYA rug | 5. TAHITI pot | 6. TOCO cushion

There’s no doubt that, in an era of individualism, mass production and all things digital, the appeal of handmade items
will continue to rise.


Plants to the max

For our own good, plants will continue to flourish in our living spaces. Seen as vectors of well-being in today’s increasingly fast-paced, stressful environment, plants are popping up in 2018 decor trends in a variety of ways. Beyond their living form, expect to find plant and floral motifs on accessories, wall art, and anything that can mimic and spread the benefits of nature
far and wide.

1. SAMANA cushion | 2. ORON planter | 3. KAU glass jar candle | 4. BERIA painting | 5. FLAVIN cement pot | 6. BANANA PALM artificial plant

Planters and plant accessories will also continue to beautify interior decor. “Don’t have a green thumb? Don’t worry! Artificial plants and flowers require zero maintenance and look a lot more natural now than ever before. Why not try your hand at mixing a few in with your real plants?” Tardif suggests.


Heavy metal

Copper, brass, steel. Whether upscale or industrial, metal finishes continue to mix and match their way into our furniture, accessories and interiors.

1. EVANS wine cabinet | 2. BELLEVILLE 2-piece salad server set (coming soon) | 3. OREGON set of 3 canisters | 4. MARILYN candleholder | 5. NEPTI pendant | 6. SALVADOR bar cart

2018 decor trends predict metal elements everywhere: as inserts in buffets, bookshelves or dressers; as the base or frame of the furniture itself; in the architectural aspects of lamps and pendants; and in accessories such as trays, vases, decorative sculptures and candleholders. “Combine metal with warmer materials, like wood or raw textiles, to create some interesting contrasts and a vibrant, welcoming atmosphere,” recommends Tardif.