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November 3rd, 2015

Create a Breakfast Nook in a Small Kitchen

Transform your small kitchen into a high-impact area!

The words ‘’Breakfast Nook’’ may seem unattainable to some, often referring to a small diner-style area of the kitchen, sometimes featuring a banquette, put together by people who have at their disposal a large, formal dining room.

The truth is that breakfast nooks are just the thing to maximize any space, from small apartments and condos, to townhomes and cottages. Versatile, they can be your main eating spot, customizable for hosting, without being clunky and getting in the way of your everyday life.

Transforming your kitchen into a breakfast oasis, where the news in the paper seem a little happier, the orange juice tastes a little sweeter and the air is just a little fresher is not as big a project as it may sound. Here are some of our favourite pieces to achieve this ingenious space-saver.

Pacifica bar-table

A bar-table is always a great way to save space as it is higher than most tables. To be used with stools, Pacifica is made of solid acacia wood standing on powder-coated iron legs for a rustic meets industrial look that is oh so contemporary.

A perfect match, the Pacifica stool, completely tucks under the bar-table, saving you the space a regular, clunkier chair would take. Small kitchens often offering limited counter space, a bar-table is the ideal extra working space, allowing for comfortable chopping and stirring standing up – no back aches here!

Company joining you for a meal? The Pacifica bar-table can fit 6 people!

Athena Table

Athena table

Need a more customizable option? Extendable dining tables are here to help!

Our sleek Athena table, with its ash wood legs and lacquered top, has sides that lift up, allowing you to go from a space-saving 2 seater to a party-ready 4-6 seater! Minimalist, this table’s clean lines make it blend in any décor, never dominating the space.

A variety of chairs can go with Athena, from the Eiffel chair, our super-modern and sleek best-seller, to the Wire chair, made of chromed steel in a grid pattern.

The key to this look is to choose chairs that blend in for a ‘’barely there’’ addition to your space.


 Whatever the amount of square footage available, a breakfast nook is the perfect alternative to a bulky dining space you may rarely use. Show us your kitchen transformations with #mystructubestyle on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram!