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Clayton Office Desk

February 3rd, 2016

Our Top 5 Tips for a Productive Office Space

Inspiration is Here!

Staying motivated during this gloomy time of the year can be quite the task! The best solution? Tailoring your office space to your most important needs. How to do it? Here are our top 5 tips!

1. Invest in a desk that has all the storage you need.

Built in storage can be quite handy. Our Clayton desk has 2 deep drawers, perfect for filing, as well as 2 storage compartments, all within reach, making it easy to stay organized. Never having to get up to go look on a messy bookshelf that may or may not have what you need? Now you’re talking!

2. Give yourself more work space than less.

We love that the top of Clayton’s storage compartment also acts as a secondary work table. Genius!

Already have a desk you love? Outfit your office with a practical console table, making sure your desk remains a clean and organized surface.

3. Comfort is key.

If you’ll be sitting there all day, you might as well be comfortable! A high back, adjustable pneumatic chair, like our sleek Matt, means business.

4. Add extra seating.

Make your office more welcoming by adding extra seating for visitors. Our Louis chairs, exuding chic Parisian flair, are comfortable enough for a long meeting and act as decoration when not in use. Place them against the wall for instant vintage elegance.

5. Paint the walls an inspiring colour and accessorize brightly.

New year means new Pantone colour of the year! Get some fresh inspiration for painting your walls here. Not ready to commit to a bold shade all around the room? Do what we did and try an accent wall. Easy to change again when the mood strikes, it will automatically lift your spirits.

When it comes to accessorizing your work space, the more inspiring, the better. Metallic and transparent glass accents, like our Frost lamp, adorn our desk. Fresh blooms and branches were added, bringing the nature in. An easy way to spice things up? Rotate your accessories from the living room or the kitchen to the office! Just because you’ve seen something in the same place for years, doesn’t mean it can’t find a new home!

How will you refresh your office space this new year? Leave us a comment below!

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