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DIY Halloween Pumpkin Painting

October 22nd, 2015

BOO-tiful DIY pumpkins

Halloween is upon us and decorating truly is in our DNA, but who wants to dig into pumpkin guts with gigantic, sharp knives?

DIY Halloween Pumpkins

The team at Structube decided to get creative with some acrylic paint from Michael’s one afternoon. Here is what we made and how to easily recreate it, mess-free.

When painting a pumpkin, keep in mind that you might need more than one coat, depending on the level of opacity you wish to achieve. 20-30 minutes of drying time between each coat is recommended.

Geometric Shapes

Catherine adorned her pumpkins with bold graphic shapes. She started by covering them completely with a light colour, then painted geometric shapes in contrasting colours, applied a gold hue to the stems and sprinkled glitter on top. She drew her shapes free-hand, but you could use painter’s tape to get the crispest lines possible. Just remember to remove it while the paint is still wet or you’ll tear some of the paint off! A polka-dot effect, like Emilie’s, also makes a strong impact.

Friendly Faces

We’re a friendly bunch here at Structube, but we wanted more buddies! Transforming your pumpkins into charming characters is an easy way to let your creativity run wild, one that the kids will love. Follow Justin, Corey and German’s lead and apply your favorite colours to a pumpkin of any shape and simply complete the look with some facial features that speak to you. If you have amazing drawing skills like Alicia, don’t shy away from creating complex characters. She impressed all of us with her free-hand calavera!


Who says Halloween says… pastels?! No orange and blacks for us here! Love sleek, minimalist pieces?  Imitate Sophie and Sarah by covering your pumpkin with a hue you love. Add a touch of whismy with a metallic stem and voilà, the perfect sophisticated home accent in a colour that goes with your décor!


For a romantic and feminine take, Emilie and Sindy created ombré pumpkins. Easy to achieve, this look asks for an initial coat of paint in your favourite colour. Let dry and apply a lighter shade of the same hue, created by adding white to the original pigment, with a sponge.

Go with the flow!

Sophia, Catherine and Tony embraced their pumpkins’ personalities for end results that are high contrast and full of character. Play up the shape of your gourd like Sophia, highlight the imperfections of your pumpkin like Catherine or let the unique colour of your fruit shine by only painting half of it. Stuck with an unusual shape? Make a novelty item like Catherine’s hot dog! There is no stopping you here.

Halloween is all about having fun so don’t be afraid to think outside the box!

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