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Industrial Style Furniture

January 22nd, 2016

Industrial Decor Within Reach

Give your home a cool, industrial edge worthy of a New York loft

"Industrial" may be an intimidating word to some, but we assure you that this trend is within your reach. The modern industrial style mixes gorgeous metals with personality-filled rustic woods, warm stones and dark tones. Think elegant, airy New York City loft, not barely lived-in warehouse. The trick is to choose pieces that are packed with personality. Embrace the perfect imperfection of rustic woods, the strong stance of black accents and the out-of-the-box qualities of metal.

Outfitting your living room with a coffee table full of character, like our concrete-topped Latur or the steel adorned Ballari, is a great way to dip your toes into industrialism. Add black accents, like our adjustable Curva floor lamp and our Eiffel armchair, and finish the look with a comfortable sofa, adaptable to a variety of styles. A full-length mirror, like Newport, is a great way to add height to the room, eliminating the desire for cathedral ceilings (well... almost!). Since this look is reminiscent of the classic open-concept SoHo loft, use a rug to frame and define your space.

The Miami sofa in grey

The kitchen is a great room to let the juxtaposition of old and new, from shiny metal to rustic wood, shine through. Reclaimed wood surfaces are perfect for a family-style dinner while metal accents are easy to clean and are a nice way to make heavy-duty appliances, like restaurant-style gas ranges, blend in. The Cetta collection, Eiffel chairs and Alfred oversized pendant are a fool-proof punchy yet homey combination.

It goes without saying: an office filled with beautiful things is more likely to make the days more inspiring. Why not treat yourself to a one-of-a-kind aluminum and iron desk with steel rivets, like the breathtaking Aviator? Hang a geometric pendant and organize everything on a spacious bookshelf, mixing metal and wood, like Cetta. Even boring paperwork won’t be able to bring you down!

The Aviator desk

A full industrial interior is not for the commitment-shy, but incorporating pieces that embrace the old and the new, while celebrating craftsmanship, can make a strong statement.

What do you think of the industrial look? Leave us a comment below!

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