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Fall 2016 -Timeless Comfort

November 2nd, 2016

Fall 2016 - Timeless comfort

Fall 2016 - Timeless comfort

It’s a new season at Structube and we’re embracing the return of cooler weather and welcoming the shift back to indoor living. As fall settles in, bringing crisp air, rustling autumn leaves and crackling fireplaces, the spotlight is on creating warm, relaxing interiors with a simple sophistication. Think refined shapes, soft neutrals, menswear-inspired fabrics and stylish combinations of matte and glossy finishes, all working together in harmony to create an easy elegance.

Showcased against a vibrant backdrop of nature-inspired sage green and midnight blue, and accented with warm metallics, the new Structube Fall collection introduces the organic beauty and splendour of the outdoors into your home. As you float from room to room, the mood is one of laid-back luxury, with rustic woods, buttery leathers, plush fur pillows and natty wool rugs injecting layers of depth and texture. Rich, cozy and comfortable, these rooms surround you with warmth -- just in time for nesting season.