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February 5th, 2016

Game Day Essentials

For the best Super Bowl ever!

The Super Bowl 50 is finally here! Before you can watch the Panthers and the Broncos battle it out with the whole gang, you’ll need to make sure your living space works for the occasion. Here are our Game Day Essentials that will ensure the party is a blast, no matter who you’re cheering for.

1. Seating. Lots of seating!

We can’t stress this one enough. A super versatile modular couch, like Cooper, will work really well for this occasion. A spacious 3-seater sofa with comfortable additional seating or a cozy sectional will also easily do the trick. The key is having enough seating for all the guests and making sure they can comfortably sit, facing the television, for hours. No sore necks allowed!

2. Spacious accent tables.

Chip bowls, chicken wings, salsa, guacamole and beer will all need to be put down somewhere. Having multiple surfaces available, all within reach, will guarantee happier guests. Roomy coffee and end tables, like the ones from our Cetta collection, will make everyone’s lives easier.

3. A practical yet stylish TV stand.

Everyone will be staring at it, so it should be pretty! A functional and sleek media unit, like our Kate, will ensure that the TV is at the perfect height and that there is something to look at, even when the commercials don’t quite live up to your expectations!

4. A tea cart!

While it may seem like a strange item to include here, a bar cart, like our Harlow, will make the task of fetching extra beverages and snacks a breeze! Another beer anybody?

5. Good company!

Although we don’t sell friends at Structube, we can all agree that watching the Super Bowl is better with them! Watching alone? Go ahead and hug one of our soft pillows every time there’s a touch down!

What are your game day essentials? Leave us a comment below!

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