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Get Ready for Winter

November 5th, 2015

5 Ways to get your Home Ready for Winter

Be ready for winter this year with these easy additions!

Winter comes every year, yet every year it takes us by surprise. This time around, plan ahead and make some changes to your décor that will help you beat the winter blues by staying cozy all season-long.


1. Lighting

One of the easiest ways to cozy up your space is to update your lighting, making up for the lost daylight while keeping it moody enough to maximize the cozy effect.

A floor lamp in the living room or new table lamp in the bedroom will bring a little more brightness to your space. That fake Vitamin D will do you some good during the winter months, we promise!

the Mushroom table lamp with integrated USB charger

We love our Mushroom table lamp. Including an integrated USB charger port, this lamp allows you to stay exactly where you are for longer, making it the perfect tool for those hibernation days spent in bed.

Prefer hanging out in the living room? A floor lamp with movable arms like Canopy is the ultimate way to create the mood that suits you best, sending light where you need it most.

A surprising pendant can also go a long way. Glamorous, these suspended light sources can be added anywhere in your home and will make your favourite reading nook feel even more special. We love the vintage feel of our new Nautica pendant, which is small enough to replace any lamp in your space while making a big impact.

 2. Rugs

Save up on your heating costs by putting down rugs, eliminating the awful feeling of a cold-as-ice floor. Your toes will thank you! Rugs are the easiest way to add texture to your space, while bringing up the comfort level, almost making those fuzzy slippers obsolete.

Hand made in India, our wool rugs like Lima, Bogota and Persia, are soft under foot and can accommodate all types of décor. Play up different types of materials throughout the space to add dimension.


3. Throws

What’s a good movie without a fuzzy blanket to hide under? Our new faux fur throws are the ultimate cuddling partners for the winter, available in a variety of patterns and colours!

Keep them on your sofa as useful accent pieces or layer them on your bed to add texture and warmth. You can even pair them with our new faux fur cushions. The only downside to all the coziness is you might never want to get up again. Goodbye work, goodbye friends? Might be worth it, you’ll be so comfy. 


Esme Bedding - duvet and pillow covers

4. Duvet / Bedding

Oh, winter days spent in bed. No boots, no coats, just warm pajamas and warm blankets.

Bring your bed up a level with a new microfiber duvet, a crisp duvet cover and some added pillows and cushions. Is this your home or is this a boutique-hotel? Either way, you deserve breakfast in bed.


5. Invest in a comfy sofa

Why bother with a Netflix marathon if you can’t stand the couch you’re sitting on? A new sofa that has good back support AND style is easier to find than you’d think and it is oh so worth the investment.

Completely change the feel of your living room by replacing your sofa or getting a new loveseat. Your movies nights will never be the same again.


Winter is coming, are you ready? Show us your favourite ways to cozy up on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter with #mystructubestyle!