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Discover our Summer 2018 Collection

June 6th, 2018

Summer Oasis

As the sunny season reaches full bloom, remember: summer vacation isn’t just that trip you’ve been planning. It’s a breezy state of mind that you can embrace right at home. Every. Single. Day!

Invite friends over to your cool, carefree oasis for simple get-togethers (during these balmy days, is there any other kind?). They can rest their glass of sangria upon the artful Sarla recycled teak coffee tables (available soon) or the chic Clichy metallic accent table. Then, gather round the Eiffel dining table for a chilled-out feast. Bring on the grilled veggies and kebabs!

All tuckered out from hiking up a mountain (or, let’s be honest, maybe just picnicking in the park)? Kick back on the luxurious Horizon sectional or plush Delano velvet sectional.

When blissful zzz’s are what you need, go ahead and take a nap (think of it as a mini-vacay!). All the better if your room is furnished with the gorgeous, clean-lined, Indian rosewood Jenson bed and nightstand. And if your plans include company from out of town, show them your hospitality with the Miloh sofa’s comfy guest bed. Who knows, maybe they’ll invite you to their country house next summer?