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Tropic Cool Lookbook

June 16th, 2016


Escape to faraway places with the breezy colours and playful shapes of the Tropic Cool trend.

Youthful, bright and trendy; Tropic Cool brings the islands indoors, creating an oasis that is sure to please those yearning to escape to faraway places.With its Colonial-era inspiration, the fresh and vibrant green and aqua hues, vivid pastel tones, and tonic corals are easily recognisable.

When combined with exotic or kitsch patterns, these colours will instantly light up your space and make you smile. Instill this holiday look at home by bringing together scandi-inspired whites and light wood tones, natural textures, luxurious cushions and lush greenery planted in terracotta pots. A free and bold evocation of an idyllic exotic, Tropic Cool creates a light atmosphere ideal for smaller spaces.

Concrete dining table

The pairing of its warm grey concrete finish and solid mango wood legs gives this dining table a completely unique look.

Savana dining table

Savana is the perfect recipe for casual dining.

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