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Uptown Impressions

Stately. There's no other way to describe this serene bedroom and its breathtaking showstopper - the Versailles bed with its soaring fabric headboard, diamond button tufting and antique nails in a double row. This impressive bed establishes scale consistent throughout the room, from the oversize Delia glass table lamp next to a sizeable white-and-blue Mikonos vase. Its indigo hue is echoed in the luxurious linens and multiple accent cushions. The striped Monteagle cushion reminiscent of a favourite sweater; the French, nautical look of Montpelier; the classic square, luxe stance of Paola; and the versatility of soft, neutral Emporia all offer a fresh, crisp composition to better exalt the towering headboard. More balance and proportion come from the acacia Hamburg end table, a standard-bearer of style and functionality, and the Paula chair with its plush upholstery on streamlined Catalpa wood legs. Simply dazzling.